Thursday, March 24, 2016

Trunk Club Review: March 2016

I was recently notified that a new subscription box had hit the market. At first I was not interested as new subscription boxes seem to pop up daily but… Two things caught my attention, it’s a FREE personal styling service, and it’s owned by Nordstrom! Trunk Club was originally independently owned and was a styling service for just men. Nordstrom purchased the company and opened the styling service to women as well. The service itself is free of charge, they send around fifteen items (clothing, shoes, jewelry, etc.) to your home and allow ten days for you to try on decide if you are going to keep anything and mail the trunk back. You get free shipping both ways and can even schedule a UPS pickup from your house with no additional cost. All the items sent are items that are sold at Nordstrom in store as well as online. If an item happens to be on sale at Nordstrom you will also get the same sale price in your trunk. After a couple of initial questions your stylist will send you a preview of your trunk, then you are able to select items that you are not interested in receiving. Your stylist will replace those items and send out your trunk! Another fun feature of this service is that when your trunk arrives your stylist will send you an e-mail with suggested outfits made up completely from what you can find inside your trunk. You can set up your service to receive it monthly or even just contact your stylist and order just one trunk. Your stylist is your stylist and you will always have a direct line of communication to just her.

I decided I wanted to try out the service because I had nothing to lose and there was no obligation to buy. Nordstrom can be pricey so I made sure to tell my stylist to keep the cost on the low end of things. Of course I was expecting a few big ticket items to be thrown in my trunk.

Below are the items I received in my trunk:

Next I will show you the outfit suggestions I received as well as pictures of me trying on the suggestions:

All in all I was really impressed by this service. In the future when I need an outfit for an event or something special I will probably contact my stylist and order a trunk! If you are interested in trying out this service you can click the link below to be connected to my personal stylist:

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