Friday, June 19, 2015

My Monthly Make-Up Bag: June

To begin this month I was going through my make-up stash trying to decide on which eyeshadow palette to use for the entire month. After a while of looking at them Joe come up behind me points and says "that one." Can anyone guess why? I am sure it has to do with the fact that there was a snake on the packaging because I highly doubt he had any idea that there was even eyeshadow inside.

Now that we are half way through the month I can say that I did find it challenging to create a large amount of different looks from this palette but loved the outcome of every look produced. This palette as well as this NYX blush in taupe were acquired mainly for travel. The blush from NYX I am not using for its intended purpose but to provide a slight contour without having to pack a large contour palette. The Rainforest After Dark Palette from Tarte is ideal for travel because not only does it contain six eyeshadows it also provides a blush, bronzer, and highlight. Both of the items above perform great and are recommended highly from me for anyone who is looking for compact makeup to travel with.

- - -

I just might be taking these two beauties on our Anniversary trip to Aruba in 73 days… but who’s counting?

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