Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Shopping Your Stash

Now that it's already July I have taken some time to look back at my goals for 2015. I wanted this year to be the year to simplify my everyday life. In my opinion I have both failed and succeeded in taking steps toward a similar life. I have recently stated planning (more on that soon) and that alone has relieved some everyday stresses but I feel that I am still taking baby steps and there is more that I can do. 

In January I went through my entire nail polish collection HERE and purged unused and colors that have gone bad. I realized that for the amount of nail polish I have I could never use up all the nail polish before it goes bad. I would love to say that I finished a nail polish and be able to toss it. I have decided to see how long it would take to use a nail polish up. Thinking about painting my nails the same color week after week did not appeal to me so I made the decision to start with a mini.

From this week on I will be using this little mini nail polish on both my fingers and toes when needed. At the end of t August I will be back to report my progress. I am very excited at the possibility of finally finishing a nail polish (even if it is a mini)!

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