Friday, August 15, 2014

Friday Favorites: Freeman Facial Peel-Off Mask

This item I have seen in countless YouTube videos and decided to check it out for myself. I am not big into masks but was drawn to this product because it is a peel-off mask. I headed to CVS and found it for $3.99. (steal!) After using some coupons I purchased this product for FREE! I had nothing to lose so I headed home and applied the mask. On my first attempt I applied too much product  because I was unsure how it was going to peel-off if I didn’t apply a good amount. It took me about twenty extra minutes for the mask to dry and be ready to peel-off but it eventually got there. My skin was left extremely soft but didn’t have any instant visual improvements. The next week I applied the mask again and as the directions states it was ready to peel-off in ten minutes.

Three weeks later I can happily state that my acne has yet to return using this product and my skin is as soft as ever. For $3.99 I would recommend anyone to pick this up and give it a try.

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