Wednesday, August 6, 2014

First Attempt at Couponing - CVS Edition

I have been inspired to get back into couponing by a fellow blogger. My husband is forever complaining how expensive good razor and refills can be so I decide this would be my first task. I started small but as you can see above I was able to save $26 on a purchase of a new razor and one set of refills. 

Here are a few of my tricks and tips I have learned in the coupe of weeks about couponing at CVS:

 CVS has a coupon policy listed on their website that they accept only one manufacturer coupon and one CVS coupon pure item. I have learned from personal experience this policy is not the same at every store so do your research.   

CVS offers EXTRACARE money back on your next purchase. The best way to research these items is on Some offers will indicate “Bath Tissue 2 for $7 (spend $20 and get $5 EXTRABUCKS)* with that said most people would not want to purchase six packs of bath tissue and store them just to get the $5 EXTRABUCKS. But, if you check their website they list a group of different products that you can purchase: mouth wash, tooth paste, bath tissue, etc. and if you spend $20 on a purchase that includes a combination of these products you still get the $5 EXTRABUCKS. Throw some manufacturer coupons in there and you can get a ton of items you need and have EXTRABUCKS for your next purchase.

Keep the coupons that print out on your receipt. CVS honors expired coupons so keep that mile long receipt and keep them organized all together.

Log onto and register for their e-mail list. Most weeks I receive a 30% off my entire purchase valid for the weekend. (This does not apply to sale items.)

- - -

The combination of coupons (for non-sale items) that gets me the best deals is:
  •  Using my weekly 30% off my purchase
  • Using some kind of CVS coupon that prints on my receipt (ex. $4 off a $10 beauty purchase)
  •  Paring that with a manufacturer coupon (ex. $2 off a Revlon lip product – from  

 Here is what the break down will look like:

- - -

The next challenge for me is to try my skills at Target. Target offers a coupon program called Cartwheel by Target that I don't completely understand yet but hope to soon.

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