Monday, May 19, 2014

It's My Birthday...

Well it's official, I'm 28 now!
I am not sure how I feel about being another year older but I have to say I am extremely happy with where I am in life at 28 years old. Joe and I seem to be thriving in New York and life just seems to be getting better and better. I can't tell you how difficult or stressful it was creating a new life here on the east coast but for the first time I can say that most things have returned to normal. There will always be challenges you face in life but the challenges we are experiencing now are not in result of our move or past in California. This is the third summer I will spend in New York and it seems normal. I spent my first Mother's Day and Parent's Birthdays away for the FIRST time this month and that was a challenge in itself but I am lucky enough to have them both visit this spring/summer.

For my birthday this year I wanted to skip the whole thing but after receiving a large kick in the rear by my husband and co-workers I decided on a BBQ. We had the BBQ this past weekend and spent the day celebrating and hanging out with our closest friends. Last year my birthday was a complete and utter disaster and as a result I was hesitant to try to set anything up. I am very thankful I allowed my husband and co-workers to talk me into it.

Cheers to another year!

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  1. 28 has been rough for me too!!! I know that I am years away from 25, and 30 is lurking right around the corner!!!!