Monday, April 1, 2013

Happy Easter!

So this year is our first Easter in New York... even though our Easter this year was not our usual Easter we did enjoy ourselves.
Joe and I both decided not to sit around on Easter but to get out and enjoy the city. We woke up Sunday morning, made breakfast together, then caught the train. Our first stop was a secret little place on the Upper East Side that offered all you can eat sushi.

Then because Joe and I both gave up candy for lent this year our next destination after lunch was the famous Dylan's Candy Store. 

Surprisingly, Joe and I didn't buy any candy for ourselves but we did come across this beauty:

I know what your thinking but no, we did not purchase this $25 candy bar. Joe had a good time finding candy jars in our future sons names:

No, I'm not pregnant but Joe and I decided sometime ago on three names for our children. Our future daughter's name is not as common so we were unable to find a candy jar to photograph.

After the candy store Joe took me to my favorite bookstore where we picked up some very different additions to our bookshelf...

Our future family was definitely on our mind during the Holiday and we just couldn't resist picking up some of Joe's favorite books as a kid for the bargain price of $1 a book! 

After the bookstore Joe and decided to rest our feet and catch a movie in Union Square. We did miss our families back home but Joe and I both had such an amazing day with each other.

Happy Easter Everyone!

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