Friday, April 26, 2013

4th Visitor of 2013

Okay, so my mom was both the 3rd and 4th visitor of 2013 but she just can't get enough of The Big Apple! Here is a recap of what we did while Mom was here:

I've recently started taking orders for my New York famous cookies and with a somewhat large order Mom was able to give me a hand while learning some of my secrets. ;) 

Speaking of Baking... Mom and I took a cupcake decorating class and I must say these are not bad for our first attempt.

We followed tradition and had dinner at our favorite Mexican spot in Mount Kisco.

While Mom was here we had the delightful task of visiting the DMV and officially removing my California plates on my truck... Bye bye CA!

After a very VERY busy week Mom Joe and I set off to spend the day in the city and then send Mom off to the airport... This was our attempt to get a picture at the Mount Kisco train station.

One of Mom's requests was to go to Dylan's Candy Bar.

My Dad's heaven!

These are the dresses made on Project Runway made entirely out of candy from the store.

Moms first visit to Central Park!

We had a great time! Can't wait for her to visit AGAIN!

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