Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Our Christmas on the West Coast

This post may seem very detailed and busy but that is what our vacation was. So here goes...

Once we arrived at the airport our vacation was in full swing. We met a bunch of our friends out for drinks our first night home and stayed out a little too late. ;)

The very next day we packed up and drove to my Dad and Julie's house in Manteca and from there we headed to Sacramento to enjoy our annual Fondue dinner and visit with Julie's family. (Which is always a good time) I enjoyed the evening very much but was extremely jet lagged. The next morning (Christmas Eve) we opened presents with my Dad and Julie then we were on the road again. Back to my moms to get ready for Christmas Eve with Joe's family, which I slept through most of. (Jet lag can really be a pain in the butt) But before we spent time with Joe's family we were able to sent aside some time to see two very important people:
 We can't wait to see them again partially because they are planning to come see us in NY! :)

Christmas morning
we spent at my moms and exchanged gifts with my moms side of the family. There was a running theme in the gift exchange between Joe and my brother.
It was great to see my family after so many months. It really makes me miss them just that much more!
My Grandma and I
My Aunt and Uncle (U.T. and C.)

From there we went and spent some time with Joe's family during the afternoon and then headed to my dads side for our final stop of the day.
The "old" cousins ;) 
Auntie and Uncle

It was a great day but I wish we could have spent more time with everyone. I know what your thinking but no the Christmas activities were not over. We met up with some of our friends and met our new God Daughter!!! (Sorry no picture, but shes perfect!) From there we decided to go out for drinks. The next night we were able to have dinner and wine ;) with some of our favorite people.
If Brian had been home this would have been the perfect evening. 

The next day Joe's family invited a ton of family and friends over for the day to visit. It was a long day but it was unforgettable.
  I also got to visit with one of my best girls!;)

After we survived that evening it was our final day in SJ. Talk about a whirlwind of a visit. Our final night we continued the tradition of having any friends and family come see us at my moms to send us off.

It was an amazing trip but both Joe and I think we should have spread it out a little. We ended up needed a vacation from our vacation! Can't wail till next year!!

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  1. It was so good to see you guys, we were so glad to get some of your time out of you busy sched. :)