Wednesday, April 29, 2015

1st, 2nd & 3rd Visitors of 2015!

Guess who was the first visitor of 2015?....

Well, I am sure that was everyone's first guess. My mom just can't stay away from her kiddos and Westchester New York for that long! This time around she stayed for a whole ten days. Although Joe and I had work and school we had so much fun during her visit. Of course we had to hit all you can eat sushi while she was here and try out some new places that have opened up in our town. My mom missed the snow in New York this year and missed Spring by a couple days. Our town is still bouncing back from winter and slowly becoming green. Mom can't wait to visit again when all the trees are starting to turn in Fall. 

During my moms visit we had two other visitors join the fun...

My Auntie C and U.T. stopped by on their way to Boston to watch The Boston Marathon. (<-- So awesome!) Joe and I were able to take one day off and show them around our little town. We actually wondered into some stores that Joe and I have not stepped foot in the three years we have lived here. 

It is always nice when family and friends to come visit because most have no idea where we live or what our town looks like. It's always sad when they leave but we are grateful that people take the time out of their busy lives and spend the money to come see us.

We were looking forward to these visits for months and we look forward to the next one whether it be here or in California.

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