Tuesday, September 24, 2013

One Day at a Time

How is it that one day everything in life seems completely relaxed and manageable then the next day it feels as if you've run face first into a wall...

There are times in your life you need to sit back, take a huge breath, and realize how truly blessed you are. Many things are made stressful not by us but by our busy brain. Tasks can seem so much more difficult then they are in reality. 

So lets start with an update, I got a new JOB! Lets make this just a little more exciting.... I will now be working in NEW YORK CITY! It's both an amazing and stressful change. I received an accounting position at a very large law firm in the city and could not be more excited. Joe and I will be commuting together each day to the city and back via train.

I am very grateful for this opportunity because I have always wanted to work in accounting. I am currently on schedule to receive my AA in Criminal Justice this semester. From there I will be transferring to a four year school to pursue my bachelors degree in accounting. I have yet to begin my journey to receive my degree in accounting so I am threw the roof to receive this opportunity. 

So in summary I will be changing my job, commute, gym, and  basically everyday life.

Wish me luck!!!

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